Billing for our Center and your physician will be provided separately. The bill you receive from our Center will include the costs of the operating room, recovery room & the supplies used for your procedure. You will receive a separate bill from your surgeon, anesthesiologist & pathologist (if required for your procedure).

We accept most insurance plans, including Medicare. We also accept payment by personal check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express. It is your responsibility to satisfy the conditions of your insurance policy for maximum coverage of your procedure; therefore, we strongly recommend that you contact your insurance provider for information about their requirements. A representative of our Center will attempt to contact you with details about the uncovered portion of your charges, but it is your responsibility to verify that your insurance plan covers "freestanding ambulatory" facilities and to meet any pre-certification requirements of your insurance plan.

Our Center cannot be held responsible for claims denied for failure to meet specific requirements by your insurance provider. Patients who do not have full insurance coverage will be required to make a prepayment prior to your procedure. Most cosmetic plastic procedures and some dental procedures are not covered by insurance & payment for these procedures is expected to be paid in full prior to surgery or on the day of your procedure. Payment is expected to be made with a cashier's check or a major credit card for these procedures. No personal checks will be accepted for cosmetic plastic procedures.

If you have any questions about your insurance or a payment plan, please call our Center & ask to speak to our insurance representative.